November 23rd and 24th, 2022

Auditorium Fundación Pablo VI.
Calle Juan XXIII, 3
Ciudad Universitaria, Madrid

Wednesday, November 23rd

08:45 h Registration and documentation

Session 1. Chairman: Emilio Borja – Grupo AN, Navarra, Spain

09:00 h Sustainability of the meat production chain: Practical implications for animal feeding
- Jaume Coma and Pau Aymerich – Grupo Vall Companys, Spain
- Jesús Méndez – FEFAC Working Committee, Spain

09:45 h Trends in broiler production and feeding programs in Spain: A comparative study (2022 vs. 2014)
- Nutrition: Gerard Santomá and Pedro Pérez de Ayala – Trouw Nutrition, Spain
- Growth performance: José Ignacio Barragán – Galimetría, Spain

11:15 h Coffee

Session 2. Chairman: José Francisco Pérez – Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain
12:00 h Additives, animal health, and production. Non-ruminant species
a. Dietary modification of the bacterial community in the different segments of the gastrointestinal tract. Potential effects on broiler performance.
- Juha Apajalahti – Alimetrics, Finland.
b. Exogenous enzymes in animal feeding. New advances and future developments.
- Ester Vinyeta, Yueming Dersjant-Li and Rafael Duran, IFF-Danisco Animal Nutrition & Health, Spain.
c. Mycotoxins contaminations of ingredients and diets. Evaluation and future areas of control.
- Carlos Mallmann – Universidad Federal de Santa Maria, Brazil.

14:15 h Lunch

15:30 h FEDNA AWARD for young researchers. Presentation of selected studies.
- Chairman: Manuel Fondevila – Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain

16:10 h Mineral composition of the diet: an update and its influence on biomarkers and gut function, including the microbiome
- Carrie L. Walk – DSM, United Kingdom

Session 3. Chairwoman: Marta Cirera – Indukern, Spain

16:55 h New insights on the FEDNA Ingredient Tables on Feed Composition
a. Cereals and fiber sources. A comparative study among sources.
- Gonzalo G. Mateos and Lourdes Cámara – Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
b. Protein sources. The case of processed animal proteins.
- David Solá and Lewis Aguirre – Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain.
c. Energy contribution of lipid sources to pigs and poultry diets.
- Emilio Borja and Guillermo Fondevila – Grupo AN, Navarra and Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain.
d. Re-evaluation of systems on the utilization of calcium and phosphorus in non-ruminant species.
- Paloma García Rebollar and Roselina Angel – Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain and University of Maryland, USA.

18:15 h Adjourn

Thursday, November 24th

Session 4. Chairman: Javier García – Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain

09:00 h Nutrition of the periparturient sow – a total transition concept to lactation
- Pieter Langendijk and Lluis Fabá – Trouw Nutrition, The Netherlands and Spain

09:50 h Management and feeding practices post-weaning in the absence of pharmacological doses of zinc oxide in the diet
- John Pluske – Australasian Pork Research Institute Limited, University of Melbourne, Australia

10:35 h Round Table. Strategies, management, and feeding programs for piglets from birth to 20 kg BW: Chairman: Gonzalo G. Mateos – Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
- Enric Marco – Marcovet, Madrid, Spain
- Manuel Toledo – Agropecuaria Casas Nuevas, Murcia, Spain
- Francesc Molist – Schothorst Feed Research (SFR), The Netherlands
- John Pluske – APRIL, University of Melbourne, Australia

11:30 h Coffee break

Session 5. Charmain: Pedro Medel – Innovabiotics, Spain.

12:10 h Nutrient requirements and feeding programs for fattening pigs. Influence of the genetic background, sex, and body weight at slaughter
- Mariano Gorrachategui – Tesercus, Spain

12:55 h European Union legislation, Novelties, expectations, and incidence on feeding programs and current production systems.
- Francisco Javier Piquer – Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación, Spain

13:25 h FEDNA Award and final remarks

13:50 h Adjourn

"VII FEDNA-ANEMBE Conference on Ruminant Nutrition".

Madrid, November 22nd 2022
Auditorio Fundación Pablo VI, Paseo Juan XXIII, 3.

9:30 h Registration.

10:00 h Presentation: Joaquín Ranz Vallejo (ANEMBE’s President).

Chairman: Joaquín Ranz Vallejo (ANEMBE)

10:10 h Manufacture of forage mixtures for ruminants. Industrial alternatives. Juan Acedo Rico (Acedo-Rico & Asociados)

10:45 h Protein evaluation for high yielding dairy cows in Europe and USA. Wilfried van Straalen (Schothorst, Países Bajos)

11:20 h Discussion and questions.

11:40 h Coffee.

Chairman: Miguel Ángel Fernández (ANEMBE)

12:10 h Organizing optimal feed intake from the cow's perspective. Jan Hulsen (Vetvice Dairy Consultancy, Países Bajos)

12:55 h Feeding strategies to reduce methane production in the dairy cow. Wilfried van Straalen (Schothorst, Países Bajos)

13:30 h Discussion and questions.

13:50 h Lunch.

Chairman: Ángel Ávila Coya (ANEMBE)

15:10 h Manufacture of concentrated feed for ruminants. Industrial strategies to be considered. Juan Acedo Rico (Acedo-Rico & Asociados)

16:45 h Efficiency in calf feeding. New developments. Nuria Llanes (Cooperativa d’Ivars)

17:30 h Discussion and questions.

17:45 h Adjourn

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